Kepenkeck Gold Project (Sokoman – Benton Joint Venture)

Project Summary

  • 595 claim units over 15,625 hectares located near the NE extension of the Hermitage Flexure and along trend from Canstar Resources’ Golden Baie Project.
  • New road access, little historical work, and favourable geology located on a major structure.
  • Recent prospecting completed by the vendor (the Keats) identified up to 2.45 g/t gold in grab samples Visible gold has been panned from till in two locations on the property.
  • The Kepenkeck project, while early in the exploration cycle, is showing significant potential. The Alliance has done limited work thus far but has already identified anomalous gold in bedrock and boulders grading up to 5.8 g/t Au.
  • In addition, the Alliance has recently discovered high-grade uranium in five samples that were collected from a radioactive area of black topsoil and sandy till that was sampled along the projected contact of a granite and sedimentary unit. All five samples contain significant uranium grading between 0.06% and 1.86% U308. The companies are planning follow-up work on the gold and a 1.0km square soil survey over the newly-discovered uranium is currently underway.

Coming Soon!



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