Golden Hope Project (Sokoman-Benton Joint Venture)

Project Summary

  • A large district -scale project consisting of 3,146 claims (78,650 hectares) accessed by the Burgeo Highway in Southwestern Newfoundland.
  • Covers extensions of two major structures linked to significant gold prospects and deposits in southern Newfoundland.
  • Rock units and structures on the Property are also related to those associated with new orogenic gold discoveries in central Newfoundland, including Sokoman’s 100%-owned Moosehead Project and New Found Gold’s Queensway Project.
  • Area is host to at least two significant gold deposits including the past producing Hope Brook Gold Mine (First Mining - Big Ridge Gold) and the advanced Cape Ray Project (Matador Mining).
  • Property covers NE extension of Hope Brook structure which cuts rock units correlated with rocks further NE in the Central Newfoundland Gold Belt.
  • Property extremely underexplored, despite known occurrences of gold, the presence of unsourced till, soil and stream sediment geochemical anomalies (> 5000 ppb Au), and the first-order commonalities and linkages between southern and central Newfoundland. 
More to Follow!

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