Fleur de Lys Project

Project Summary

Targeting Dalradian-Style Orogenic Gold, a District-Scale Property in NW Newfoundland 
This exciting project will not distract us from our flagship Moosehead Project but will become a great addition to our portfolio. We are excited and proud to have seized the opportunity to acquire, largely for staking costs only, a district-scale project in one of the hottest gold exploration jurisdictions in the world.

Historic exploration has been minimal with only 1 recorded drill hole testing for gold on the 475 sq. km property. An analogous geological setting, at multiple levels, to a multi-million-ounce gold deposit in the UK (Curraghinalt); anomalous gold in government lake-sediment and till geochemical surveys; gold in till samples taken by Sokoman with many pristine gold grains indicating closeness to source; and rock samples with significant gold values - all of this is found on our new Fleur de Lys property.”

The Fleur de Lys Project is highly prospective for Dalradian-style (e.g., Curraghinalt) orogenic vein-hosted gold deposits and as such, represents a readily accessible yet underexplored, district-scale, gold target in the Newfoundland Appalachians. The property has seen little modern exploration, with some areas remaining completely unexplored. Historical grab sample grades of 3.3 g/t Au to 25.5 g/t Au are reported from several separate locations (Note: historical assays have not been verified by the Company and should not be relied upon.)

Reconnaissance till sampling by Sokoman in 2019/20 over the “then” Crown Land in the Fleur de Lys belt has defined multiple gold targets, defined by 129 C-horizon till samples sent to Overburden Drilling Management (ODM) in Ottawa for gold grain analysis. Results gave 38 samples with >20 grains, 14 >40 grains with a maximum of 122 grains. Many samples with high gold grain counts have a high percentage (30-80%) of pristine grains, suggesting a local, probably less than a 1 km, source for the gold.
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  • Geological equivalent to the Dalradian belt in the Northern UK Caledonides (host to 6 million oz* Curraghinalt Deposit)
  • 2019/20 Sokoman tills returned up to 122 gold grains with more than 35% pristine
  • Unexplained gold anomalies in government collected lake sediments and tills
  • 98% of property is 100% owned with no royalties or required payments
  • Historic exploration: o limited - virtually none since late 1990s
  • Only 1 drill hole for gold
  • Gold in bedrock values from 3.3 to 25.5 g/t gold** - not drilled
  • Adjacent to all of Newfoundland’s current gold production
  • Recent Federal/Provincial mapping and airborne geophysics, incorporated in a recently released digital geoscience atlas of the Baie Verte Peninsula
  • Excellent infrastructure including ready access via hundreds of kilometres of paved secondary highways and forest-access roads
  • Mining-friendly jurisdiction – in top-ten of Fraser Institutes (2020) global mining jurisdictions 


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