Fleur de Lys Project

Project Summary

Targeting Dalradian-Style Orogenic Gold deposits, a District-Scale Property in NW Newfoundland next to the location of all recent gold production in Newfoundland.
This exciting project will not distract us from our flagship Moosehead Project but will become a great addition to our portfolio. We are excited and proud to have seized the opportunity to acquire, largely for staking costs only, a district-scale project in one of the hottest gold exploration jurisdictions in the world.

Historic exploration has been minimal with only 1 recorded drill hole testing for gold on the 475 sq. km property. An analogous geological setting, at multiple levels, to a multi-million-ounce gold deposit in the UK (Curraghinalt); anomalous gold in government lake-sediment and till geochemical surveys; gold in till samples taken by Sokoman in 2019 with many pristine gold grains indicating closeness to source; and rock samples with significant gold values - all of this is found on our new Fleur de Lys property.”

The Fleur de Lys Project is highly prospective for Dalradian-style (e.g., Curraghinalt) orogenic vein-hosted gold deposits and as such, represents a readily accessible yet underexplored, district-scale, gold target in the Newfoundland Appalachians. The property has seen little modern exploration, with some areas remaining completely unexplored. Historical grab sample grades of 3.3 g/t Au to 25.5 g/t Au are reported from several separate locations (Note: historical assays have not been verified by the Company and should not be relied upon.)

Reconnaissance till sampling by Sokoman in 2019/20 over the “then” Crown Land in the Fleur de Lys belt has defined multiple gold targets, defined by 129 C-horizon till samples sent to Overburden Drilling Management (ODM) in Ottawa for gold grain analysis. Results gave 38 samples with >20 grains, 14 >40 grains with a maximum of 122 grains. Many samples with high gold grain counts have a high percentage (30-80%) of pristine grains, suggesting a local, probably less than a 1 km, source for the gold.
  • Total of 1,920 claims (480 sq km)
  • Virtually unexplored for Au
  • Numerous cross-cutting structures
  • Au anomalies in till/soil/rock/lakes
  • Adjacent to NL’s current Au production
  • Phase 1 Exploration Program started in June, consisting of collection of 750-1000 C-Horizon Tills (ODM)

Coming Soon!

Of 400 results from overburden drilling received to date, 109 contain at least 20 gold grains and are considered anomalous with the two highest gold grain counts, 111 and 116 grains, carrying 90 and 84 pristine grains respectively, suggesting a very local source (less than 200 metres).


  • Geological equivalent to the Dalradian belt in the Northern UK Caledonides (host to 6 million oz* Curraghinalt Deposit)
  • 2019/20 Sokoman tills returned up to 122 gold grains with more than 35% pristine
  • Unexplained gold anomalies in government collected lake sediments and tills
  • 98% of property is 100% owned with no royalties or required payments
  • Historic exploration: o limited - virtually none since late 1990s
  • Only 1 drill hole for gold
  • Gold in bedrock values from 3.3 to 25.5 g/t gold** - not drilled
  • Adjacent to all of Newfoundland’s current gold production
  • Recent Federal/Provincial mapping and airborne geophysics, incorporated in a recently released digital geoscience atlas of the Baie Verte Peninsula
  • Excellent infrastructure including ready access via hundreds of kilometres of paved secondary highways and forest-access roads
  • Mining-friendly jurisdiction – in top-ten of Fraser Institutes (2020) global mining jurisdictions 


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